Who We Are

Strong D38 Community is an all-volunteer group who believes we have a strong community because we have strong public schools in D38 AND we have strong schools because we have a strong community.

Members of the group, including the steering committee (see updated org chart below), include parents of school age kids and graduates, community members, former students, former board members, district employees (on their own time), business owners, and more! The steering committee members have been in the area from 2 to 38 years with a combined total of over 150 years in the area!

Strong D38 Community is registered as an Issue Committee with the Colorado Secretary of State. You can see details on donations and expenses on the SOS TRACER website at http://bit.ly/sd38c-tracer

Our Mission

To educate and inform the Tri-Lakes Community on issues related to providing our local students a world-class education grounded in factual, data-based and research-bound decision making.